Value as Market Strategy

To charge premium pricing, you must demonstrate the measurable value you bring to the prospect.

As defined from the prospect’s perspective.

Your value could be the driving force behind the client’s ability to outperform a competitor and capture more market share.

Your value may save him enough money to hire needed staff, open a new facility, or fund a blue-sky project.

Your company and sales force must continuously augment your offerings to create sustainable value.

That’s the framework for your market strategy. Creating value.  To understand your value, ask yourself:

  • What unmet or poorly met needs does the prospect have?
  • Why do prospects choose certain products or services?
  • What cost drivers dictate their behavior?
  • What would cause them to change behavior?

Not easy to pin down these answers. We can sort out these questions together.

Once we do, you’re ready to write (and work by) your value proposition.  Learn how to do this in our eBook.

Pivotal Value Proposition

What is your value proposition?
Can you cite it in a sentence?
Can you defend it?

Let’s take a second to review our own:

PleinAire Strategies transforms B2B sales to revenue growth by optimizing strategy, structure, people and process because, unlike other firms, we carefully align how you sell with how prospects buy, which results in predictable sales increases.  

Here’s some tips on how to start building your value proposition:

Seven-Part Sniff Test for Value Propositions

  1. Be specific. Use simple words. Active verbs. Muscular nouns.
  2. Avoid false promises.
  3. State clearly how your value differs from competitors.
  4. Communicate one powerful benefit with a measurable result.
  5. Create a sense of urgency.
  6. Mitigate the buyer’s risk.
  7. Make it understood in five seconds or less.

Ready for Positioning    

Value propositions can also serve as points of differentiation and positioning statements.
  • Are you first to market with a new idea?
  • Are you the logical alternative to a competitor?  Are you the safe decision?
  • Are you a premium seller, more for more? Or a price leader, more for less?

We’ll help your sales team see and use a defensible market position as an edge, even when your marketing doesn’t.

Simple, powerful and credible.  Many salespeople don’t articulate their market position well.  What’s yours?

We’re often surprised how few in our workshop audience can explain their positioning.

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