Buy-Sell Sales Mapping

A critical part of our strategy consulting is helping clients map out their buy-sell process, which is often different for each sales opportunity.

Here’s the good news, as hard as it is to believe:

Eight out of ten B2B purchases are unplanned and unbudgeted.

How do you capture unexpected opportunities?


When you map the buy-sell process, you begin to align how you sell with how prospects buy.

Soon, you stop wasting time and resources on unwinnable opportunities.

Forrester Research declares that B2B marketers have a blind spot,” in knowing the buyer’s journey. B2B marketers struggle to predict buyer behavior. When you map the buy-sell process, you’re likelier to get inside the prospect’s head who’s thinking: Why do anything? Why do it now?

Allow us inside your sales culture. Your blind spots. Your resources. Your relationships.

And we’ll carve out a sales mapping process to serve you for years to come.

Next, we help you with sales pipeline evaluation.

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