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PleinAire works closely with Objective Management Group (OMG), the nation’s leading sales evaluation process and pioneer of the sales assessment sector. Using its exceptional system, companies of all sizes and from all industries reveal the crucial insights needed to maximize sales performance and increase revenue. Often imitated, but never duplicated, OMG’s assessment process underwent rigorous development at the front lines of more than 11,000 companies and one million salespeople. One reason why top sales development experts choose the OMG approach for valued clients globally─the assessment outperforms all competitors. OMG’s unique evaluation framework spans a wider field of measurement and produces deeper insights by penetrating sales performance areas often untouched. What’s more, all OMG findings are sales specific, not merely adapted to generic sales situations.

Systematically Evaluate Salesforce for Revenue Growth Potential


Our Comprehensive Salesforce Evaluation of people, systems, and strategies answers many questions, such as Jim Collins’ “Do you have the right people in the right seats?” And Larry Bossidy’s “What will it take for this salesforce to execute the plan?” You will learn whether your salesforce, as comprised today, holds the capacity to execute your revenue strategies.


Our Sales Candidate Assessments represent the most accurate predictor of sales success for your specific company setting. With our expertise, clients develop custom criteria for their sales success and integrate it with our time-tested criteria for success in sales.

Then, with our unique sliding scale, we set the hiring criteria to a level appropriate for the demands of the position you need to fill. Imagine the benefit of being able to track all your candidates online where you can sort, filter and identify behavior patterns, according to the findings.


Along with our partner, OMG, PleinAire affiliates with 150 certified sales development experts in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Administer our assessments in 20 native languages. Rest assured, no company or salesforce is too large or too small to benefit from the OMG advantage.

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