We hold abiding respect for CEOs and sales leaders who take on the toughest work of the organization. Not only must you set the right strategy, you must also build the right structure and process to leverage that strategy. Then find and motivate the right people to deliver the revenue. Sometimes you get stuck. Business flattens. Revenues stall.

Conventional wisdom tells us there are only five ways to increase revenue:

  1. Increase the number of clients
  2. Increase the average sale size per client
  3. Increase the frequency of sales per client
  4. Raise your prices
  5. Cut expenses

What if you’ve already cut to the bone? And the market won’t tolerate price increases.

Well then, you’ve got to pull more performance from sales.

Given the dramatic change in how business-to-business (B2B) prospects buy today, many organizations, like yours, are beginning to rethink their approach to complex sales.

And that’s where PleinAire can make a significant difference.

Let us explain.

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