MERGE 2.0 Online Course


In this MERGE 2.0 online video course, revenue growth expert Bill MacDonald takes you through a series of training modules guaranteed to help you better understand your buyer and his or her buying journey ─ from how they think and envision their solution to how they want to engage with you in the buying decision. To succeed in sales today, you must overcome researched-based facts that prospects are quite happy to buy without your input. Take back control of the sale by mastering the most comprehensive and reliable sales process on the market today: MERGE 2.0.



What You’ll Learn

  • How to research and know the issues your prospects care about (mod. 3)
  • Why what you sell matters less than how you sell
  • Align your selling with how prospects want to buy (mod. 4)
  • Penetrate multiple decision-making teams
  • Create the prospect’s vision for his/her solution (mod. 6)
  • How to open the door to C-suite appointments
  • Building meeting plans to guide the sale (mod. 8)
  • Unseat the incumbent and cross the chasm (mods. 9/10)
  • Develop alternative solutions for your prospects
  • How to stay close to your prospect/customer (mod. 12)

And don’t miss the Bonus Module: The Road to Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Plus, you can memorialize all your study in a dedicated workbook.

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