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blog-imageThis is The One Piece of Advice You Need to Make Your Content Carry it Weight in Leads

The world of content marketing can be a confusing place. And everyone has an opinion on what’s right. One area you won’t hear a lot about is how to match-up your content to where the buyer is in his buying cycle.

Is he or she just getting educated?

Is he already at the stage of qualifying providers?

Or is he ready to make a decision?

You’re about to miss this opportunity if you haven’t thought through what content to send to match your prospect stage of thinking. And how do you know what he’s thinking anyway? [topic for next e-book!]

Download our free e-book, and you’ll get the answers you need to build a content foundation for converting more sales. Right from the mind of our very own Bill MacDonald, who has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in product and service solutions in his accomplished career as a sales trainer, consultant and CEO.

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This is straight from the heart thinking that we know works, packaged for you to achieve a better professional selling experience. Read on. Enjoy.

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