Sure Way to Secure First Meetings – Change Your Message

Your initial approach to prospect companies can create the very objections you disdain. Ever heard these brush-offs?
“We’re already working with another company.” “Uh, we really don’t have any interest in your products or services right now.” Sad but true, you may be the cause?

Let me share how to eliminate these objections by changing how you approach the buyer.

Unless your product or service is so unique that no one else offers it, you must assume prospects are working with another firm. What you don’t know is how happy they are. Of course, it’s tough to ask that outright before you’ve build trust and rapport.

Unseat the Incumbent?
Remember from MERGE, the objective of getting the first meeting is to use your research to probe for value gaps and pique your prospect’s interest with possible solutions. But to get in the door, you’ve got to deal with incumbent firms. With a deft hand, you can pop his balloon. And here’s how:

First, the good news: Regardless of the industry, 10 percent of potential clients are actively in search of a solution and have an inclination to buy what you sell. Another 10 percent may be interested in knowing about your solution but are “just looking at the moment.”

In reality, 80 percent of your target market has no particular knowledge of, or interest in, what you offer. If you’re launching a new product or service, this percentage rises even more. The 80 percenters are naturally bound to say, “We’re already with another company.”

I urge you to hit this common objective head on. Bring the other company up before they do. We already know that there must be another company, so why don’t we deal with it up front. Your conversation might begin like this:

“Bob, I know a company of your size is already working with another firm to handle your needs.” [They will obviously agree] [Then share the business reason for your call, based on your research.] What do you research?

  • Track news events that impact the prospect or his market: Company announces expansion of new company stores, acquisitions, major layoffs or cost cutting;
  • Present a study to pinpoint industry issues: Five Dangers Banks Face and How to Respond to Dramatically Reduce Costs and Increase Profits. It will open lots of doors, but you must spend the quality time to put such a compelling report together;
  • Offer a white paper on key industry issues. Then, base your call points on those uncovered issues, using the white paper to demonstrate your knowledge and understand of prospect situation.

Whatever you do, don’t launch into a presentation of your products or services. In fact, don’t mention anything about what you sell. Only discuss one of the items above, backed by your research on the prospect company, and engage your prospect in only what interests him or her―possible solutions.

Net Takeaway
Anticipate the objection first by bringing it up yourself. It’s the one way to deflate the first-meeting blues. Then, change your message with real insight that’s meaningful to your prospect. Simple enough, but often not followed. As you gear up for your September push to fill the pipeline with qualified leads, remember these words: Change the Message.

See you on the upside,

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