Four most vexing words in Financial and Professional Sales

Outsmart the Four Most Vexing Words in Business:
“Send me some information”

Ever call a prospect to follow up on a lead, only to hear those exasperating words: “Send me some information.”

You know she’s interested. You did your research. What’s more, your center of influence set you up with the call.

Still, she drop kicks you by asking for information to be sent. Translation? “I’m not interested.”

It’s a common put-off to get rid of advisors. You’re left hanging. If you send another expensive sales brochure, it’ll end up in the round file anyway. I field tested this all-to-common objection with a slew of advisors. Surprisingly, they would mail information about their firms.

Why not end this waste of time and money? Here’s how:

1. Develop Your Approach Strategy

  • Acknowledge her request ― “I would be glad to forward you some information.” Don’t stop here
  • Qualify her needs, clarify her interest: “To be sure I send you the right information, what specifically are you looking for?” Or ask, “What’s of particular interest to you?”
  • Analyze her response

(Savvy advisors open the conversation with a study done for her industry, or findings discovered in their research. Whatever you do, narrow down her interest by pinpointing why she asked for more information.)

Listen closely to her response. Listen to how she explains the problem, and gear your conversation to that problem. Simple? No. Never underestimate the power of words.

If she answers with any of these Power Verbs: accelerate, achieve, align, assess, avoid, boost, build, break, capture, change, convert, create, define, discover, drive, eliminate, establish, evaluate, fix, generate, improve, remove, secure, simplify, solve (the list is l-o-n-g), it’s likely her company has already identified issues you can solve.

What if she says, “send me whatever you have,” you’re dead. That’s another blog post altogether.

2. Take Action to Close the Conversation—your glide path into the organization

  • You might say, “I’m mailing you information (be specific) in the next few days. Will that work with your time frame?” She agrees and you follow with;
  • “Assuming you need time to review the information, I’ll plan to call you next week to continue our conversation.” You’ve made your set-up.
  • 3. Now Confirm Your Follow-Up Process

    • “Let us assume for a moment that you are pleased with the material sent. What do you (feel, see, think) will happen next?” With this question, you create a scenario the prospect can picture, allowing her to critically think about your service, solution and the process of purchase.
    • From here, you’ll know if any real interest exists. If not, move on to more promising targets.

    Qualifying prospects siphons precious time and limited budgets. Work smart. You can turn the vexation of “send me some information” into genuine opportunities.

    See you on the upside,

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