It's Time to Decide. You’re a restless CEO.
Or an ambitious Sales Leader.
Driven to take the organization to the next level.
But revenue has slowed or stalled.
How do you improve revenue growth?
Don’t simply improve. Transform.
  • Create a clear, powerful sales strategy.
  • Match how you sell with how prospects buy.
  • Earn buy-in from multiple decision makers.
  • Put the right people in the right roles.
  • Create a repeatable sales process.
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MERGE 2.0 Now Available

MERGE 2.0 reveals new strategies to pinpoint how prospects buy. Learn everything you need to know to book revenue in the new realities of B2B professional selling.

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Transforming B2B Sales to Revenue Growth

Strategy | Structure | People | Process

Building Your Market Strategy

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What’s your go-to market strategy? Is it clear and competitive? Is your value proposition defined? Are you regularly conducting win-loss deal reviews? Is your organization optimized to sell? When you support sales with a powerful strategy, win rates rise.

Transforming Sales Skills

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Today, you must understand how prospects buy to guide them through the buyer’s journey. Takes vision, agility and a repeatable process. Learn fast, retain well with our instructor-led and online training─Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, SPIN Selling® and MERGE 2.0.

Executing the MERGE Process


Our signature sales process, MERGE 2.0, transforms mediocre sales efforts into high-performance wins by logically organizing sales activities around how prospects buy. Efficient. Targeted. Predictable.

Using Content to Grow Revenue

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By 2020, research forecasts 80 percent of the buying process will occur online without any human interaction. How do you connect? Content. High-quality and consistent. Valuable and compelling. Use content to engage, nurture and close prospects. We’ll show you how.

Everything DISC®─Know Who To Hire

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Everything DiSC® ─ the most trusted behavioral profiling instrument in the industry. Applied by millions of training professionals, it identifies how people are likely to behave by measuring attributes, preferences, and personality. Certified in DiSC, we help you hire great sales teams.


We’re in the transformation business: Transforming B2B sales to revenue growth for companies committed to moving past status quo. It’s time to take action: More than 45 percent of salespeople miss quota.

Why We Want Your Organization to Succeed

I’ve been the fortunate beneficiary of an amazing sales career where I was free to sink or swim on my ability to generate revenue. When it was time to move on to new challenges as an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to give back to the noblest profession in the world─sales. And to all companies whose survival depends on revenue growth.

PleinAire Strategies dedicates itself to the hard-working men and women who live and love to sell. It’s a privilege to work alongside them in meetings, workshops, and seminars to share what I’ve learned. No greater responsibility exists than for us to provide you with service at our professional best.

William MacDonald

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