Sales-centered Content Marketing

You want and need to enter companies under favorable conditions where:
  • Your prospect responds to a referral to you.
  • Your prospect has already heard or read about you.
  • Your prospect takes your call when you call.
  • Your prospect seeks you out and asks to get together.

To make this happen, you need to create and extend an image of authority. Become known as a reliable source of valuable knowledge and influence. That’s authority. How do you build it?  Targeted content.

Founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi says “The one who has the more engaging content wins, because frequent and regular contact builds a relationship” with opportunities for conversion. “Advertising is a luxury,” Joe says, “but content is survival.

In an ideal world, your marketing department generates content. But if sales and marketing are misaligned,
you may need to step up.

Condition Prospects

We’re enthusiasts of conditioning and nurturing prospects through the pipeline with high-quality content. Educational marketing through informative content helps to drive lead flow. White papers. Newsletters. Blogposts. Sell Sheets. Email. Webinars. Videos. Podcasts. We’ve landed more high-end appointments from a prospect reading one of our white papers. Read our eBook, Convert More Sales with One Simple Strategy: Time Content Distribution to the Movement of Prospect Through the Pipeline.

The right content can inspire thousands of click-throughs and hundreds of downloads, even for B2B. We see it every day.

Here’s why we believe teaching something about content marketing in the sales environment is so important:

From Forrester:  “B2B buyers are living in a 2015 digital-first world, but B2B sellers are still living in a 1965
salesman-first world.

New Forrester data shows that nearly 75% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online when purchasing products for work, yet only 25% of B2B companies actively sell online.

Gartner/Forrester’s research goes so far as to suggest by 2020 up to 80 percent of the buying process will occur online without any direct human to human interaction.

It’s time to decide. If you’re in the three-quarters of companies that don’t sell online, talk to us. We can help.

All-Bound Marketing

One questions if old-school traditional marketing still applies?  Do you attend trade shows, advertise, mail newsletters or cold call?

Consider Inbound marketing─blogs, eBooks, eNewsletters, podcasts, search, social media marketing, video, and other forms of content marketing─they’re designed to attract prospects from the outside in.

Outbound marketing pushes messages out, whether or not someone wants them, versus inbound marketing, which pulls prospects in to be nurtured and self-qualify. Why not reach potential buyers at different levels of awareness and consideration, and guide them through your pipeline?

We teach our clients to use a combination of methods. And we call it all-bound marketing. Because content marketing is such a vast area, we educate our clients on how to concentrate on actions that generate the greatest results with limited resources.

Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Consider why this approach is so essential:  71 percent of Internet leads are never followed up. And when they are, “the salesperson who does call, only makes 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on.” [Inside Sales]

What’s the prospect to do when his inquiry meets a black hole. Catch him in a safety net of high-quality educational content.

Ask us about content marketing for sales teams.

We offer multiple subjects and customized programs.

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Content must take its rightful position in your sales planning. Because, in the end, it’s all about─

Your prospect wants real value.
That leads to a positive sales experience.
Which can develop into a trusted relationship.

Since more than 70 percent of customer loyalty stems from the sale experience and brand impact, use the power of content marketing to build that trusted relationship you so desire.

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