Win – Loss Deal Reviews

You’ve been working your opportunity for eight months. It’s a six-figure sale that could open a new vertical market for you and the team.

Your solution is a great fit. You built excellent rapport. Saw lots of buying signals. Every t was crossed, and i dotted. Textbook perfect.

You’re just waiting to learn the outcome of the prospect’s executive meeting.

Friday, 3 p.m. you get the call.  No deal.

What on earth happened?  We feel your pain. Been there.

But we learned how to stop the pain. And we’ll show you.

Harvard Business Review cites seven reasons for most lost sales:

  • Incumbent Advantage
  • Inability to Remove Risk
  • Lack of C-Level Access
  • Lack of Focus on a Solution
  • Ineffective Messaging
  • Poor Pre-Sale Resources
  • Out-of-Range Pricing

Even if you’re a world-class sales machine, you’ll still run into times when deals simple break down.

You may not understand why. It may not be as simple as calling the prospect and asking.

  • Did you establish the prospect’s buying vision?
  • Did you enter the company under favorable conditions, high or low?
  • Did you map decision makers and understand their personal wins?
  • Did you pitch a solution or use your process to analyze alternatives?
  • Did you conduct a team strategy session before you presented?

And dozens more questions need to be answered to know the deeper truth of the loss.

An outside, objective voice in the room to diplomatically sort through facts can be invaluable.

When you measure where you are, there’s a greater chance to get to where you want to go.

Use our Win-Loss Deal Review and learn how to minimize pipeline erosion.

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