Sales Funnel Evaluation

All sales leaders want healthy, smooth-running pipelines:

Promising leads fill the top of the funnel, qualify in the middle, and convert towards to bottom.

But funnels gum up, movement slows to a trickle.

Many leads never convert. Many qualified leads never close.

It’s an age-old challenge.

Consider this fact from  61 percent of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, despite the fact that only 27 percent will be qualified. No wonder the sales team gets frustrated. And there’s so much pressure on marketing.  But it gets even harder.

Look at this data from CSO Insights based on research into a representative sampling of B2B companies:


Average Performance B2B Pipeline

What’s the cost of lost sales to your business?

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

In our strategy consulting, we work with a Funnel Opportunity Scorecard to track lead flow, sales activities and buy opportunities, one that replicates the best practices of top performers.

If you’re not sure you need this service, ask yourself:

  • Are your salespeople chasing and wasting resources on unqualified prospects?
  • Do your salespeople involve too many technical support people too early in the process?
  • What percentage of qualified leads evaporate in the funnel, even when nurtured?

A Funnel Opportunity Scorecard gives you insight and actionable information to make important changes and keep improving forecasting, lead quality and time to close.

It’s all about moving your sale forward.

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