Challenge of Multiple Decision Makers

One area we’re often called to consult on is how to sell at a higher level in the organization, then manage multiple decision makers in a complex sale.

It used to be simpler when one department head or division chief made the decision. Slowly team decisions emerged. The number of decision makers involved in a deal increased to 5.8 in 2015, up from 4.6.

Gartner tells us that in a typical firm of 100 to 500 employees, on average seven people are involved in most buying decisions.

How are you going to manage all those competing agendas?

Everyone on the decision team wants their personal win.  The CEO wants profitability. CFO wants cost savings. CSO wants sales performance. CMO wants product launch success. The CTO wants no downtime.

If we earn your trust as a client, we’ll consider it a top priority to help you master the challenge of multiple decision makers.

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