Buy-Sell Sales Mapping

A critical part of our strategy consulting is helping clients map out their buy-sell process, which is often different for each sales opportunity.

Here’s some good news!  Eight out of ten B2B purchases are unplanned and unbudgeted.

How do you capture it? Can you follow a buy-sell mapping process and adapt to unexpected opportunities?

Yes, you can.

When you take the time to map the buy-sell process, you begin to align how you sell with how prospects buy.  Soon, you stop wasting time and resources on unwinnable opportunities.

Forrester Research declares that “B2B marketers have a blind spot,” in knowing the buyer’s journey.  B2B marketers struggle to predict buyer behavior, so how can they help sales?  When you map the buy-sell process, you’re likelier to get inside the prospect’s head who’s thinking: Why do something?  Why do it now?  Why us?

If we’re fortunate to work together, we learn your sales culture. Your blind spots. Your resources. Your relationships.  And we’ll carve out a sales mapping process that will serve you for years to come.

Next, we help you with sales pipeline evaluation. Whether you call it a funnel or a circle, one thing is certain; it’s undergoing significant change.

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