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everythingdiscworkplacemapCertain sales tools stand tall above others because they forecast behavior. That’s Everything DiSC®, the most trusted behavioral profiling instrument in the industry. Research-validated and applied by millions of training professionals worldwide, it identifies how people are likely to behave by measuring attributes, preferences, and aspects of a respondent’s personality.

PleinAire is certified to administer Everything DiSC because it helps us to help you draw a direct line from how well you hire to how well you sell. It’s an excellent self-discovery tool for any respondent engaged in the assessment. And it’s not a test. No right/wrong /pass/fail.

Everything DiSC identifies four primary dimensions of behavior – Dominance – influence – Steadiness –Consciousness.  Everyone is a blend of these four styles. DiSC styles do not identify abilities or strengths, only priorities or behavioral styles.

You and your sales reps will gain an understanding of behavioral tendencies and the knowledge to adapt to behavior, develop better relationships, enhance communication, reduce conflict, create win-win solutions and deliver results.

We also administer the entire suite of Everything DiSC including:

  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
  • Everything DiSC Workplace

If you’d like to learn more about DiSC for your company, we stand ready to help.

If you’re unclear about how to proceed, you can take advantage of our courtesy consultation. We’ll have a private phone conversation on your individual sales situation.

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