Even when the deal falls apart. And you don’t make your numbers. You get back up, find your tenacity gene, re-commit and go to work. We respect you for that. So we want to put a smile on your face. This we promise. If you take advantage of our professional sales programs and services, you will walk away better than you are today. Now, we understand that’s a lofty goal. But it’s not a false promise. Together, we can do it. All you need is little guidance and support from people who’ve walked in your shoes, who live and love to sell.

Inside PleinAire

A boutique sales consulting firm with global resources, PleinAire Strategies blends the forces of People, Knowledge, Process and Technology to empower sales leaders to transform B2B sales from status quo to improved and sustainable.

Founder William L.  MacDonald is a serial entrepreneur. What he’s learned from launching and managing four successful companies has prepared him to help others. PleinAire is his way of giving back to what he believes is the noblest profession in the world─selling.

Bill meets with hundreds of marketing and salespeople and is often surprised by how few communicate a value proposition, write a buyer’s persona, strategize a competitive edge. Or learn the prospect’s buying process.

PleinAire’s named after the 19th-century inspiration of creating art in the open air, which inspired French Impressionism. Bill wanted to create an open space where he could impart some fresh thinking to old ways of selling in business-to-business.

And maybe, just maybe, stave off some of the millions of dollars wasted on confusing sales programs that end up abandoned by sales leaders and sales teams every year.

Expanding the Value

In addition to PleinAire’s signature programs, we’re a distribution partner and certified training firm for market leader Miller Heiman Group.

mhigroupMiller Heiman Group is one of the largest performance improvement companies in the world, considered a top 20 sales training company nationally, and known for bringing game-changing insight to sales performance, customer experience, and leadership and management.

Through its Miller Heiman Group affiliation, PleinAire gives clients access to the collective intelligence of 300 global sales consultants, enlightened training programs and a vast library of research, case studies, analytics and high-performing sales solutions.

Consultant and coach, trainer and teacher, author and speaker, Bill and his team dedicate their work to those who live and love to sell.

Why We’re Different

Clear-cut, Personal

You work closely and directly with the firm’s principal in a personal setting, customized to your precise needs (for one or 100.) No newbie trainers. We’re adept at simplifying the complex sale with methodologies built over decades of frontline experience. No cookie-cutter programs.

Stellar Research

Market leader, CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global, provides PleinAire with cutting-edge research on sales performance for complex B2B organizations. Our training disciplines flow from research-validated principles that lay the groundwork for consistent sales productivity.

Best Practices

PleinAire monitors industry trends and research on how world-class sales teams perform and evolve. Clients gain data and benchmark studies, case studies and techniques used by top-selling teams for their own learning and adoption.

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