It's Time to Decide. You’re a hard-working Sales Leader.
Ready to see your sales team improve.
Better yet, you aspire to world-class performance.
Then don’t just improve. Transform.
  • Enter prospect companies under favorable conditions.
  • Align how you sell to how prospects buy.
  • Earn buy-in from multiple decision makers.
  • Create a predictable sales process.
  • Move from approved vendor to a trusted relationship.
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Transform your sales team, gain the advantage.

Incisive Strategic Consulting

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What’s not working in your B2B selling? No buyer personas, slow pipeline, no buy-sell map. We’ll change all that with smart value propositions, sales funnel evaluations and win-loss deal reviews. Transform your sales team, gain the advantage.

Fast-Track Selling Skills

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Gone are the days of memorizing dozens of closing techniques. Today, you must understand how prospects buy. Takes critical thinking, intelligence, agile skills, and repeatable processes. Our suite of instructor-led programs includes Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, and SPIN Selling®. You’ll learn fast and retain well.

Simplified Sales Process


Our signature sales process, MERGE, transforms mediocre sales into high-performance wins because it brings welcomed structure to your sales activities. Nearly every B2B sales call─from simplest to most sophisticated─goes through the distinct stages of MERGE. Follow our process. Transform your selling.

Everything DISC® Know Who You Hire

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Everything DiSC® ─ the most trusted behavioral profiling instrument in the industry. Applied by millions of training professionals, it identifies how people are likely to behave by measuring attributes, preferences, and aspects of personality. Certified in DiSC, we help you hire great sales teams.

Sales-centered Content Marketing

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By 2020, research suggests 80 percent of the buying process will occur online without any direct human-to-human interaction. How do you connect? Content. High-quality and consistent. Valuable and interesting. We train you to use content to nurture and close prospects.


We’re in the transformation business: Transforming B2B sales to produce exponential growth for companies committed to moving past status quo. It’s a growth business. More than 45 percent of salespeople miss their numbers.

Why We Want You and Your Team to Succeed.

I’ve been the fortunate beneficiary of an amazing career. However, it became time for me to decide the next chapter. I wanted to find a way to give back to what I believe is the noblest profession in the world─Sales.

PleinAire Strategies is dedicated to the hard-working men and women who live and love to sell. And it’s a privilege to work alongside them in meetings, workshops and seminars to offer the benefit of some of my expertise. For me, it’s a transformative experience.

William MacDonald

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You enjoyed Bill’s first book, MERGE, on how to simplify the complex sale. Now MERGE 2.0 reveals new strategies to pinpoint how prospects buy. It’s packed with even more valuable, actionable, and page-turning intel. If you’re a B2B Sales Leader or member of a sales team, MERGE 2.0 is a must-have in your business library.

Sign up now for an advanced copy and be one of the first to benefit from the insights in MERGE 2.0, for release Fall 2017.

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